Pump For Sea And Land

TAC series 

Pump For Sea And Land 


1. It will be available for delivery and extraction . It can be serve as deep well pump to take apart the strainer and to connect the water pipe If you put it in ponds directly, it can be serve as submersible pump.  

2. It will be cooled with the style of oil-cooling the motor will keep same temperature after a long-time operation. As it is well designed according to the close centrifugal of Impeller. So water flow is large , but power consumption is low, efficiency is high.  

3. It is equipped double mechanical seal and good waterproof. 


Drainage hydraulic engineering and underground water. Irrigation for farm; drain and supply water and transfer oxygen for fish pond, shrimp pond and eel pond. 


TAC series (50HZ / 60HZ)