Roots Blower

LTU / LTU-V series  

Roots Type Blower & Vacuum Pump 

Three-lobe reduce vibration and noise 

Three-lobe blowers are new series roots type blowers. We made precise rotors by CNC machine to promote performance, less down noise and vibration. 


♦ Wide range for air volume, pressure and vacuum. 

1. Bore: 50~250 (2"~10") 

2. Capacity: 0.15~79m3/min 

3. Pressure: 0~8000mmAq 

4. Vacuum: -5000mmAq 

♦ Stable air flow and less pressure variation. 

♦ Clean air without oil moist. 

♦ Bearing are all lubricated by oil moist. 


LTU / LTU-V series